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This will bring health to your body” Prov 3:8

We all need good health spiritually and physically. How will we have good health and not fall sick. What does the word of God teaches? Let’s learn few things from Pro 3:5-7

Trust & Partner: In every situation lets is trust God, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Pro 3:5a, and do all things in partnership with God “in all your ways submit to him” Prov 3:6a

Humble & Holy: Humility is the key to health “Do not be wise in your own eyes” Prov 3:8a, and live blameless in the fear of God “fear the Lord and shun evil” Prov 3:8b

Prayer: Father Lord, help me to be the person in Prov 3:5-7. Let my life fulfill the purposes that you have for me. Amen.